Discounted Gorilla permits

In an effort to boost the tourism industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Rwanda has lowered the price of gorilla permits by between 60 to 80 percent. The new price valid from the end of 2020 but there is a very high chance that discounts will go on in 2021 given that Uganda has also introduced discounted gorilla permits. Gorilla permit discounts in Uganda.

Gorilla tourism has been bringing in about 6 million US Dollars to the economy of Rwanda. The current government in Rwanda has been very aggressive in positioning the county as a leading primate destination. Extensive marketing and collaborations with influential partners had turned the small country into a very popular tourist destination, especially for high-end travelers. However, the country’s economy and tourism industry has been hit hard during the current global pandemic. With few travelers due to lock-downs and few international flights, the country has been forced to offer discounts on tourism-related permits in order to kick start the tourism industry. The government hopes that this will help increase the number of both local and international tourists visiting the county.

Discounted Permits in Rwanda

So what’s the new deal? Well, a gorilla permit in Rwanda will cost $500 for foreign nationals, $200 for foreign residents and Rwandan citizens. International tourists will still pay $1500 for a permit but can get discounts if they arrive in very large groups (like 20 and more). The country hopes that lower prices for permits will Attract more international travelers and also boost local tourism. Most citizens in the country could not afford the high price of permits and gorilla trekking was done by mostly international tourists or residents who could afford it.

How to obtain discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda

If you are to benefit from the discounted gorilla permits which are priced at USD1050.00 per person, it will require you to book a safari package which will guarantee you more than 3 days in Rwanda visiting more than national parks in Rwanda.

The more days you spend in Rwanda, the better. National Parks where one can extend his stay or spend more days include Nyungwe Forest National Park where one can enjoy chimpanzee trekking as well as the popular canopy walk.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is also popular with bird watching and as such bird lovers should also endeavor to visit Nyungwe National Park for more days in order to benefit from these discounted permits.

Rwanda low season gorilla permits issued at USD1050.00 to trek the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park Rwanda.

Another option to add on the extra days to qualify for the discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda is the Akagera National Park where one can enjoy game drives as an add-on to gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

Much as Rwanda is offering these discounted or low season gorilla permits, they still have strings attached or conditions that one must satisfy before benefiting from them.

That said and done, still, the price for Rwanda discounted gorilla permits at USD1050 cannot match the normal gorilla permit price in Uganda and Congo which is at USD600 and USD400 respectively.

It is for this reason that many Rwanda tour operators have opted to sell Uganda gorillas by crossing the border at Chanika and Katuna to trek gorillas in Uganda. You can also do gorilla trekking in Congo in the Virunga National Park at only USD400.00 per person per trek in the high season and USD200.00 per person per trek in the low season.

Though the price of gorilla permits has been reduced, Rwanda has more stringent rules for tourists entering the country compared to Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. All incoming tourists are required to have a certificate showing a negative Covid-19 test taken at least 48 hours before arriving. They will have another test as soon as they enter the country and wait for results from their lodge before proceeding to the national parks. Tourists will now be required to maintain a distance of at least ten meters while observing primates in the Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Park.

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