Top 10 Destinations In Rwanda By Dylan Africa Tour

Rwanda is a unitary republic in central and eastern Africa. Uganda is to its north, Tanzania
to the east, Burundi to the south, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. While
the country is landlocked, it is noted for its lakes. Despite being close to the equator, the
climate is temperate due to the altitude. The highest point is Mount Karisimbi. Tourism is
important due to wildlife, including the mountain gorilla. And so many attractions
it is a blessed “land of a thousand hills”, and a country which exhibits hope and renewal
following its turbulent past. Now two decades after the genocide, Rwanda has become  
with efforts to clean the streets, embrace peace and encourage prosperity being extremely
successful, and elevating the land back to its rightful place of revered natural beauty.
Scenery seekers will not be disappointed here, with breathtaking vistas, wondrous wildlife
and verdant greenery stunning at every turn; here’s Dylan Africa Tours and Safaris guide to
the 10 best beautiful travel destinations in Rwanda.


This is one of the most beautiful places one can ever go to and also get a chance to interact with
nature. It is indeed the best place in Rwanda to tour, especially for people who love trekking.
These mountains have been talked about a lot but actually visiting and experiencing this incredible
and mystifying place can be so much more than one can ever dream of.
The national parks housing gorillas here have significantly improved in recent times, now including
more efficient road systems, an increased number of rangers and improved methods of wildlife
conservation. Of the 880 gorillas thought to be left in the wild, an estimated 300 reside in   Volcans
National Park   in the Virunga Mountains, a stunning stretch of green oozing with dramatic scenery
and lush, verdant vegetation. Visitors will need to purchase a permit to gain entrance into the park,
and although this sometimes can be quite expensive, it proves well worth it once you’re witnessing
giant gorillas living in their natural terrain.


Rwanda is home to one of Aftica’s last remaining high altitude tropical rainforests, situated in  
Nyungwe Forest National Park . It is one of the most bio-diverse forests in the world, and is home to
more than 1080 plant species as well as 250 Albertine Rift Endemic bird types, an attraction which
brings in bird-watchers from all over the globe. Any trip here must include a high canopy walk,
where visitors can take to the treetops to view the forest in its full majesty. The park is supported
by both   USAID   and a global development company named DAI, with the overrall aim being to
make Nyungwe a viable eco-tourist destination where resources are re-invested into the local
community, and a sustainable income source is created for regional natives.


Speaking of places that best preserve Rwanda’s history including its bitter past, Gisozi Genocide
Memorial Centre is one of the places to visit. It’s an impressive yet very sad place that graphically talks a lot of Rwanda’s bitter pas and striking way 99.9% of Rwandan population were affected by the
horrific violence of the genocide, a dark past which makes the present friendliness and goodwill of
the country’s locals all the more inspiring.

One may have read all stories and maybe watched documentaries about the 1994 Genocide against
the Tutsi in which over one million people were massacred, but it is a entirely different story when one
confronts the reality of the genocide when you visit the Genocide memorial site.
Through the beautiful and extensive gardens, to the quiet memorial building with walls covered with
hundreds of thousands of names of people whose remains were laid to rest at the site, indeed Gisozi is a
place that deserves an essential visit for better understanding of the history of Rwanda and to
appreciate how far the country has come.


The richness of a country’s heritage is very vital as it contains aspects that identify people in any
nation. Rwanda as it is has a rich history that dates back to the Kingdoms, colonial and post-colonial
times; this is well displayed in the various museums. They include: The Natural History Museum-Kigali,
the Ethnographic Museum in Huye, Presidential Palace-Kanombe in Kigali, King’s Palace Museum-
Rukari in Nyanza, Environmental Museum in Karongi and the National Art Gallery-Rwesero in


One of the most impressive ways to experience Rwanda is through hiking. The   Congo-Nile Trail   is
a famous passage that winds alongside the country’s most famous stretch of crystal water, Lake
Kivu, and offers participants dramatic vistas, thick vegetation and of course, the rolling hills from
which Rwanda earns its affectionate nickname. The power of uninhabited nature here is
spectacular, especially in the shadow of the majestic mountains passed along the way. There are
plenty of reputable retailers offering hiking packages, including the renowned   Rwanda Gorilla
Tours .


Commons Replicating scenes like those seen in   The Lion King , the breathtaking   Akagera National
Park   is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet, including elephants, zebras,
buffalos, baboons, leopards and hyenas, creatures who have found a home here amongst the
stunning savannas, dramatic mountains, green grasslands and tree-fringed lakes. There are plans to
reintroduce lions and black rhinos here now that poaching laws have been significantly
strengthened, and with over 1200 kilometers to explore, visitors here can lose themselves for days
in the awe-inspiring natural beauty. More info Open In Google Maps Kayonza, Intara
y’Iburasirazuba, Rwanda +250787409137 Visit Website Give us feedback.


Once stretching over 250,000 acres,   Gishwati Forest   suffered severe destruction due to cattle
ranching and post-genocide refugee resettlement, and now occupies less than a tenth of that area.
However it is still one of the most impressive sites in Rwanda, and boasts some of the most
spectacular views of Lake Kivu as well as over 1450 types of bird. Efforts to entirely replant the
forest and return it to its former glory have been put in place, and so far a connection of over
10,000 acres is intended to connect the glorious nature strongholds of Gishwati and Nyungwe.


Situated in one of the country’s more scenic areas, Mount Bisoke, an active volcano on the border
with The Democratic Republic of Congo, is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the beauty of
Rwanda’s provincial areas. A return trek up to Bisoke will take you about six or seven hours, and
the pilgrimage is well worth it ,   even if it is a little steep at times. The ascent involves traversing up
the southwestern flank of the volcano to the summit where splendid vistas of the crater lake can be
enjoyed, and during the descent visitors can follow a track where wonderful views of the National
park of virunga  can be seen.


Lake Kivu is known to be one of the world’s only three known “exploding lakes.” That is to say, this
stretch of water has, on occasion, been known to experience limnic eruptions, which are rare
natural disasters involving carbon dioxide erupting from the deep lake water. Although tragically
these explosions historically suffocate any living thing nearby, no eruption has been recorded in
recent history, and visitors are more likely to experience a smelly warm vapor of combusting
methane rather than anything deadly. The lake is one of the 20 largest lakes in the world, and the
plush shores and picturesque, tropical vegetation elevate it as one of the most beautiful sites in


Visiting a tea plantation may not be the most obvious of things to do in Rwanda, but in the province
of Gisenyi, one of the best activities to partake in is just this. During the rainy season   Pfunda
plantation ‘s tea production is in full swing, and a tour of the premises allows visitors to amble
amongst the surrounding crop fields and soak in some knowledge on the art of tea making, from
picking and drying, to cutting and shipping. Pfunda is one of the most sustainable tea companies in
the region, employing local community members to ensure that the region feels the direct benefits
of the business.

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