1 Day Coffee Tour Experience in Rwanda

Tour Details

This package is designed to give to the participant experience on coffee production value chain and what it takes to bring it to the table.It believed that coffee was introduced in Rwanda in 1904 by German missionaries. Around 1930, a considerable interest in coffee developed as it was the sole revenue-generating commodity for rural families. Rwanda possesses ideal coffee-growing conditions such as volcanic soil, high altitudes, regular rainfall temperature which favour the slow maturation of coffee bean, creating a unique taste in the cup.


Rwanda coffee can be world class. Coffee is now Rwanda’s leading export crop and has contributed an average of 24% to total agricultural exports over the last decade. Your coffee Tour experience and embarrass coffee value chain in Rwanda. Participants on the coffee tasting tour and visitors experience firsthand information about the whole coffee production chain. You will pick your own coffee cherries from the coffee plantation and follow them the entire package of coffee processing. At the end of this exciting visit, you will enjoy a cup of Rwandan’s great coffee. The tour will take place in Rutsiro District, Kinunu center. The chain include planting coffee trees, harvesting the cherries, drying the Beans, Processing the Cherries, Milling the Beans, Coffee Tasting, Roasting the Coffee, Grinding Coffee.

Price Inccludes
  1. Lunch and Coffee gift
  2. Tour Guide
  3. Entrance Fees
  4. Transport on a Boat
What to Expect

If you like exploring beautiful countryside and tiny villages, waking up on the shore of an island-studded lake, falling asleep to the aftermath of a thunderstorm, and sharing leisurely pantomime exchanges with curious locals, you’ll find your adventure on the in this Trip.

-Heavy rains make some sections of the trail muddy and difficult to maneuver through(March – May and October – November

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